extra characters after close-brace
    while executing
"::itcl::body MyRivetApp::init {app_name}{"
    (in namespace eval "::request" script line 19)
    invoked from within
"namespace eval ::request $script"
    ("::try" body line 12)


## myrivetapp.tcl -- # # Application class definition and instance creation # package require Itcl ::itcl::class MyRivetApp { private variable application_name public method init {} public method request_processing {urlencoded_args} public method abort_handler {abort_code} public method error_handler {error_info} } ::itcl::body MyRivetApp::init {app_name}{ # any initialization steps must go here # .... set application_name $app_name } ::itcl::body MyRivetApp::request_processing {urlencoded_args} { # the whole application code will run from this method ... } MyRivetApp ::theApplication ::theApplication init [dict get [::rivet::inspect server] hostname] # -- myrivetapp.tcl