couldn't read file "parameter_not_defined_error.rvt": no such file or directory
    while executing
"source parameter_not_defined_error.rvt"
    (in namespace eval "::request" script line 44)
    invoked from within
"namespace eval ::request $script"
    ("::try" body line 12)


# Code example for the transmission of a pdf file. if {[::rivet::var exists pdfname]} { set pdfname [::rivet::var get pdfname] # let's build the full path to the pdf file. The 'pdf_repository' # directory must be readable by the apache children set pdf_full_path [file join $pdf_repository ${pdfname}.pdf] if {[file exists $pdf_full_path]} { # Before the file is sent we inform the client about the file type and # file name. The client can be proposed a filename different from the # original one. In this case, this is the point where a new file name # must be generated. ::rivet::headers type "application/pdf" ::rivet::headers add Content-Disposition "attachment; filename=${pdfname}.pdf" ::rivet::headers add Content-Description "PDF Document" # The pdf is read and stored in a Tcl variable. The file handle is # configured for a binary read: we are just shipping raw data to a # client. The following 4 lines of code can be replaced by any code # that is able to retrieve the data to be sent from any data source # (e.g. database, external program, other Tcl code) set paper [open $pdf_full_path r] fconfigure $paper -translation binary set pdf [read $paper] close $paper # Now we got the data: let's tell the client how many bytes we are # about to send (useful for the download progress bar of a dialog box) ::rivet::headers add Content-Length [string length $pdf] # Let's send the actual file content puts $pdf } else { source pdf_not_found_error.rvt } } else { source parameter_not_defined_error.rvt }