TCPMUX, TCP Port Service Multiplexer

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Protocol suite: TCP/IP.
Protocol type:Application layer protocol.
Multicast addresses:
Ports:1 (TCP).
MIME subtype:
Working groups:

RFC 1078:

A TCP client connects to a foreign host on TCP port 1. It sends the service name followed by a carriage-return line-feed <CRLF>. The service name is never case sensitive. The server replies with a single character indicating positive ("+") or negative ("-") acknowledgment, immediately followed by an optional message of explanation, terminated with a <CRLF>. If the reply was positive, the selected protocol begins; otherwise the connection is closed.

The name "HELP" is reserved. If received, the server will output a multi-line message and then close the connection. The reply to the name "HELP" must be a list of the service names of the supported services, one name per line.

MAC header IP header TCP header TCPMUX message Data :::



[RFC 1078] TCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX).


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