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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5)

mb_encode_mimeheaderEncode string for MIME header


string mb_encode_mimeheader ( string $str [, string $charset [, string $transfer_encoding [, string $linefeed [, int $indent ]]]] )

Encodes a given string str by the MIME header encoding scheme.

Список параметров


The string being encoded.


charset specifies the name of the character set in which str is represented in. The default value is determined by the current NLS setting (mbstring.language). mb_internal_encoding() should be set to same encoding.


transfer_encoding specifies the scheme of MIME encoding. It should be either "B" (Base64) or "Q" (Quoted-Printable). Falls back to "B" if not given.


linefeed specifies the EOL (end-of-line) marker with which mb_encode_mimeheader() performs line-folding (a » RFC term, the act of breaking a line longer than a certain length into multiple lines. The length is currently hard-coded to 74 characters). Falls back to "\r\n" (CRLF) if not given.


Indentation of the first line (number of characters in the header before str ).

Возвращаемые значения

A converted version of the string represented in ASCII.

Список изменений

Версия Описание
5.0.0 The indent parameter was added.


Пример #1 mb_encode_mimeheader() example

""// kanji
$mbox "kru";
$doma "gtinn.mon";
$addr mb_encode_mimeheader($name"UTF-7""Q") . " <" $mbox "@" $doma ">";


Замечание: This function isn't designed to break lines at higher-level contextual break points (word boundaries, etc.). This behaviour may clutter up the original string with unexpected spaces.

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