Kea  1.9.9-git
pgsql_connection.h File Reference
#include <asiolink/io_service.h>
#include <database/database_connection.h>
#include <libpq-fe.h>
#include <boost/scoped_ptr.hpp>
#include <vector>
#include <stdint.h>
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class  isc::db::PgSqlConnection
 Common PgSql Connector Pool. More...
class  isc::db::PgSqlHolder
 Postgresql connection handle Holder. More...
class  isc::db::PgSqlResult
 RAII wrapper for PostgreSQL Result sets. More...
struct  isc::db::PgSqlTaggedStatement
 Define a PostgreSQL statement. More...
class  isc::db::PgSqlTransaction
 RAII object representing a PostgreSQL transaction. More...


 Defines the logger used by the top-level component of kea-dhcp-ddns.


const uint32_t isc::db::PG_SCHEMA_VERSION_MAJOR = 6
 Define PostgreSQL backend version: 6.2. More...
const uint32_t isc::db::PG_SCHEMA_VERSION_MINOR = 2
const size_t isc::db::PGSQL_MAX_PARAMETERS_IN_QUERY = 32
const size_t isc::db::OID_NONE = 0
 Constants for PostgreSQL data types These are defined by PostgreSQL in <catalog/pg_type.h>, but including this file is extraordinarily convoluted, so we'll use these to fill-in. More...
const size_t isc::db::OID_BOOL = 16
const size_t isc::db::OID_BYTEA = 17
const size_t isc::db::OID_INT8 = 20
const size_t isc::db::OID_INT2 = 21
const size_t isc::db::OID_INT4 = 23
const size_t isc::db::OID_TEXT = 25
const size_t isc::db::OID_VARCHAR = 1043
const size_t isc::db::OID_TIMESTAMP = 1114