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isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostContextPool Class Reference

PostgreSQL Host Context Pool. More...

Public Attributes

std::mutex mutex_
 The mutex to protect pool access. More...
std::vector< PgSqlHostContextPtrpool_
 The vector of available contexts. More...

Detailed Description

PostgreSQL Host Context Pool.

This class provides a pool of contexts. The manager will use this class to handle available contexts. There is only one ContextPool per manager per back-end, which is created and destroyed by the respective manager factory class.

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Member Data Documentation

std::mutex isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostContextPool::mutex_

The mutex to protect pool access.

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std::vector<PgSqlHostContextPtr> isc::dhcp::PgSqlHostContextPool::pool_

The vector of available contexts.

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