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isc::dhcp::CfgMultiThreading Class Reference

Utility class to apply multi threading configurations. More...

#include <cfg_multi_threading.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void apply (data::ConstElementPtr value)
 apply multi threading configuration More...
static void extract (data::ConstElementPtr value, bool &enabled, uint32_t &thread_count, uint32_t &queue_size)
 extract multi threading parameters More...

Detailed Description

Utility class to apply multi threading configurations.

Definition at line 16 of file cfg_multi_threading.h.

Member Function Documentation

void isc::dhcp::CfgMultiThreading::apply ( data::ConstElementPtr  value)

apply multi threading configuration

valueThe multi-threading configuration

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void isc::dhcp::CfgMultiThreading::extract ( data::ConstElementPtr  value,
bool &  enabled,
uint32_t &  thread_count,
uint32_t &  queue_size 

extract multi threading parameters

[in]valueThe multi-threading configuration
[out]enabledThe enabled flag
[out]thread_countThe thread count
[out]queue_sizeThe queue size

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References isc::data::SimpleParser::getBoolean(), and isc::data::SimpleParser::getInteger().

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