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isc::d2::DNSClientImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DNSClientImpl (D2UpdateMessagePtr &response_placeholder, DNSClient::Callback *callback, const DNSClient::Protocol proto)
virtual ~DNSClientImpl ()
void doUpdate (asiolink::IOService &io_service, const asiolink::IOAddress &ns_addr, const uint16_t ns_port, D2UpdateMessage &update, const unsigned int wait, const dns::TSIGKeyPtr &tsig_key)
DNSClient::Status getStatus (const asiodns::IOFetch::Result)
virtual void operator() (asiodns::IOFetch::Result result)
 Callback method. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from isc::asiodns::IOFetch::Callback
 Callback ()
 Default Constructor. More...
virtual ~Callback ()
 Virtual Destructor. More...

Public Attributes

util::OutputBufferPtr in_buf_
DNSClient::Protocol proto_
dns::TSIGContextPtr tsig_context_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::DNSClientImpl ( D2UpdateMessagePtr response_placeholder,
DNSClient::Callback callback,
const DNSClient::Protocol  proto 
isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::~DNSClientImpl ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::doUpdate ( asiolink::IOService io_service,
const asiolink::IOAddress ns_addr,
const uint16_t  ns_port,
D2UpdateMessage update,
const unsigned int  wait,
const dns::TSIGKeyPtr tsig_key 
void isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::operator() ( asiodns::IOFetch::Result  result)

Callback method.

This is the method called when the fetch completes.

resultResult of the fetch

Implements isc::asiodns::IOFetch::Callback.

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References callback_, isc::d2::d2_to_dns_logger, isc::log::DBGLVL_TRACE_DETAIL, isc::d2::DHCP_DDNS_INVALID_RESPONSE, getStatus(), in_buf_, isc::d2::D2UpdateMessage::INBOUND, isc::d2::DNSClient::INVALID_RESPONSE, LOG_DEBUG, response_, isc::d2::DNSClient::SUCCESS, tsig_context_, and isc::Exception::what().

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Member Data Documentation

DNSClient::Callback* isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::callback_

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util::OutputBufferPtr isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::in_buf_

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DNSClient::Protocol isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::proto_

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Referenced by DNSClientImpl().

D2UpdateMessagePtr& isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::response_

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dns::TSIGContextPtr isc::d2::DNSClientImpl::tsig_context_

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