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isc::dns::BasicRRsetImpl Class Reference

This encapsulates the actual implementation of the BasicRRset class. More...

Public Member Functions

 BasicRRsetImpl (const Name &name, const RRClass &rrclass, const RRType &rrtype, const RRTTL &ttl)
unsigned int toWire (AbstractMessageRenderer &renderer, size_t limit) const

Public Attributes

Name name_
vector< ConstRdataPtrrdatalist_
RRClass rrclass_
RRType rrtype_
RRTTL ttl_

Detailed Description

This encapsulates the actual implementation of the BasicRRset class.

It's hidden from applications.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

isc::dns::BasicRRsetImpl::BasicRRsetImpl ( const Name name,
const RRClass rrclass,
const RRType rrtype,
const RRTTL ttl 

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Member Function Documentation

Member Data Documentation

Name isc::dns::BasicRRsetImpl::name_

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vector<ConstRdataPtr> isc::dns::BasicRRsetImpl::rdatalist_

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Referenced by isc::dns::BasicRRset::getRdataIterator().

RRClass isc::dns::BasicRRsetImpl::rrclass_

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RRType isc::dns::BasicRRsetImpl::rrtype_

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RRTTL isc::dns::BasicRRsetImpl::ttl_

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