Kea  1.9.9-git
isc::dhcp::Triplet< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >, including all inherited members.

default_isc::util::Optional< T >protected
empty() const isc::util::Optional< T >inline
empty() constisc::util::Optional< T >inline
get(T hint) const isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >inline
isc::util::Optional::get() const isc::util::Optional< T >inline
getMax() const isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >inline
getMin() const isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >inline
operator T() const isc::util::Optional< T >inline
operator!=(const T &other) const isc::util::Optional< T >inline
operator=(T other)isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >inline
isc::util::Optional::operator=(A other)isc::util::Optional< T >inline
operator==(const T &other) const isc::util::Optional< T >inline
Optional()isc::util::Optional< T >inline
Optional(A value, const bool unspecified=false)isc::util::Optional< T >inline
Optional()isc::util::Optional< T >inline
Triplet()isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >inline
Triplet(T value)isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >inline
Triplet(T min, T def, T max)isc::dhcp::Triplet< T >inline
unspecified(bool unspecified)isc::util::Optional< T >inline
unspecified() const isc::util::Optional< T >inline
unspecified_isc::util::Optional< T >protected
ValueType typedefisc::util::Optional< T >