Merit GateD Consortium Documentation

New Membership Categories

Academic Supporting Membership

Privileges of Membership

The privileges of Academic Supporting Membership are for the tools, sources, and binaries related to one of the following GateD Product lines:

  1. GateD Unicast (version 4)
  2. (Click here for Version 4 Academic Suppporting License.)

  3. GateD Multicast (version 5)
  4. (Click here for Version 5 Academic Suppporting License.)

  5. GateD IPv6 (version6)
  6. (Click here for Version 6 Academic Suppporting License.)

You may obtain a membership in each of the product lines for a total of $15,000 (3 times $5,000).

The Privileges are:

Technical Privileges


Research Privileges

h) Mention on the Merit GateD Web Pages for Products and Services.

i) Ability to post Papers related to GateD on the GateD-Research Page.

j) Any GateD Developer who develops source code or tools receives a special GateD Developer's t-shirt.

Membership Fees for Academic Supporting Membership

Yearly licenses for the Academic Supporting Members are:

$5,000 per product line ($15,000 for all three product lines)

Academic Supporting Members provide needed support for GateD to continue to be distributed to the Academic and Research Community. GateD Academic Supporting Member provide resources to help progress GateD for the Academic and Research Environment.

The Academic Supporting Member must:

  1. Sign the Academic and Research Membership.

    On-line signing is under investigation. For now, please pull a membership form, sign it and send it to:

    Merit GateD Consortium
    Merit Network, Inc.
    4251 Plymouth Road, Suite C.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2785
    phone: (313)764-9430
    fax: (313)747-3185

  1. Pay Membership fee.
  2. Merit (through the University of Michigan) will bill the Academic Supporting Member's Institution.

  3. Register all machines where GateD sources or binaries will be used.
  4. The updating of machine registration may occur via email to the or in the future via the Membership Merit GateD Web Page.

  5. Must not redistribute the source or binaries to any non-registered machines, or in any commercial proudct.