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New Membership Categories

Service Corporation Members

Privileges of Membership

The Service Membership provides the GateD source and binaries to a company who are using GateD to provide Internet Services. Binaries can be distributed to any of the Internet Service Provider's machines for a year. The privileges of the Service Membership are for the tools, sources, and binaries related to one of the GateD Product lines:

  1. GateD Unicast (version 4)
  2. (Click here for Version 4 Service License.)

  3. GateD Multicast (version 5)
  4. (Click here for Version 5 Service License.)

  5. GateD IPv6 (version 6)
  6. (Click here for Version 6 Service License.)

The Privileges are:


  • a) Unlimited distribution of binaries in the machines the member uses to provide Internet services for the duration of the membership.

  • b) Source code distributed to development teams at Member's corporation or research site. Source code may not be distributed in commercial products.

  • c) Access to GateD Member-only Documentation and Tools

  • d) Early access to new source code, documentation and tools prior to a general release to Academic and Research Members for a period agreed upon by Consortium Members but not less than three weeks.

  • e) Email Response to Technical Questions.

  • Business Privileges

  • f) Participation in E-mail forum to discuss new GateD tools and features

  • g) 1 Voting Member may attend period GateD Consortium Meeting containing Technical Briefs and Progress Review.

  • h)Additional Training is available to Service Members.

  • i) Mention on the Merit GateD Web Pages for Products and Services.

  • j) GateD t-shirts.

  • Cost of Service Membership

    Service membership costs:

    The lower fees in the 2nd through 15th year of membership are available as long a the GateD membership continues. If a company discontinues membership for a product line for a year, the membership fee starts out at $25,000 for the first year.

    The first year's cost can be viewed as initial payment for the rights to use and distribute binaries to service provider machines. The memberships in the 2nd through 15th years is similar to a yearly maintenance fee to keep the code current with Internet standards.

    After the GateD Consortium reaches 15 years of age, the fees for a product may be re-examined. Any members wishing the product will be continued, but fees may be reduced after 15 years.

    Corporate Profile

    The Service Provider membership is available to companies who: