Merit GateD Consortium Documentation

New Membership Categories

Gold Members

Privileges of Membership

The privileges of Gold Membership for 1997 are for the tools, sources, and binaries related to two of the following GateD Product Lines:

  1. GateD Unicast (version 4)
  2. GateD Multicast (version 5)
  3. GateD IPv6 (version 6)

    (Click here for Gold member licenses. Companies may request Membership and Redistribution licenses in two forms.)


    A Gold Member will have Gold Member benefits for
    Two (2) Product Lines of their choice.

The Privileges are:

Technical Privileges

Business Privileges

Cost of Gold Membership

Gold membership fees are:

$110,000 for new members.

$75,000 for existing members with one (1) current product line and
one (1) renewal.

$45,000 for existing members with two (2) product lines and
two (2) renewals.

An existing GateD Member who currently has Two (2) Product Lines can purchase a Gold Membership for Product Line 1 and Product Line 2 for $45,000.


of Product

Line 1


of Product

Line 2




Existing Members
with Two (2)
Product Lines





(Existing Memberships with Two (2) current Product Lines will now include the additional Development Project for the Interns. The training costs of these Interns account for the increase in the cost of the Extra Benefits.)