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GateD-IPv6(Version 6)


The GateD source code, tools and documentation are based on three different product lines: GateD Unicast, GateD Multicast, GateD IPv6. Each of the product lines has its own software base, release dates, and product descriptions.

New GateD source code, tools and internal documentation is available to GateD members only . Binaries for utilities and on-line documentation are available for anonymous ftp or via the web.

Members of the Academic and Research community can join the the Merit GateD Consortium by simply filling out a GateD Academic and Research Membership License form for IPv6. This membership merely requires that the member:

Protocols Supported

GateD Multicast supports the following IPv6 protocols specified by the IETF:

Planned support for IP v6 includes:

GateD IPv6 has grown out of the public domain GateD 3.5.5 code base.