Merit GateD Consortium

New Membership Categories


Merit is now suggesting an Across-Product Line Membership or a Product-Based Membership with three product lines:

    1. GateD Unicast (version 4).
    2. GateD Multicast (version 5).
    3. GateD IPv6 (version 6).

Across-Product Line Memberships

    A Gold Membership would entitle a member to:

  1. Have early access to all code that is currently being developed in all product lines.
  2. Have Commercial Membership privileges for two product lines.
  3. Send 4 voting members attend GateD Consortium Meeting.
  4. Have Interns trained at Merit.
  5. Have Access to Merit Test network.
  6. Obtain GateD Tools.
  7. Have an Engineer assinged to respond to Email.
  8. Make phone queries about problems.
  9. Have access to additional training by staff at Merit GateD Consortium.

For existing members Gold membership costs $75,000 per year. For new members, Gold membership costs $110,000 per year.

Gold members indicate an intent to stay on as GateD members for 2 years.

Product-Based Memberships

Each product based membership will have six categories within that membership:

    Commercial Membership

    (1st year - $50,000, 2nd year and beyond - $15,000)

    Small Commercial Membership

    (1st year - $40,000, 2nd year and beyond - $15,000)

    Service Membership

    (1st year - $25,000, 2nd year and beyond - $10,000)

    Small Service Membership

    (1st year - $12,000, 2nd year and beyond - $10,000)

    Academic and Research Membership

    (No fees for members of the Academic and Research community.)

    Academic Supporting Membership

    (1st year and beyond $5,000 per product line)

The 2nd year through 15 year prices stay in effect as long as the GateD membership is continuous.

Access to GateD source code for the GateD-Unicast, GateD-Multicast, and GateD-IPv6 will be to members only. The membership license includes redistribution licenses which will only allow redistribution of binaries in commercial products or to nodes within an Internet service provider's network. Source code will only be distributed to the members site.

Academic and Research Membership involves a registration of machines and signing of the GateD Academic and Research licensing. There is no fee for the Academic and Research membership. All other membership categories require payment of a fees above plus signing the GateD Membership (Redistribution) licensing for that category.

Academic and Research should be interpretted very broadly. Our business is to build and transfer technology. We are a research Consortium to suppor the Internet. Please apply if you think you are using to learn something by using GateD. We'll help you determine if you need to be a commercial member. If you make money using the code, it's nice to send some back so more code can be developed.